Dither help


I’m trying to dither a 24bit file to 16bit. I can’t seem to find the option since upgrading to 9.5.


Are you working in a montage or just with a standalone audio file?

My preferred way is to insert a dither plugin. In the montage this can be inserted last in the montage output, or if you are using the global master section with the montage or when processing a standalone audio file, you can insert the dither plugin in the global master section. There is even a dedicated global master section section for final dither if you prefer.

WaveLab comes with iZotope MBit+ dither which is good. You can insert this plugin, set it to 16-bit, choose other variables you may prefer, and then render a new file set to 16-bit.

You may also be able to do this in the batch converter app but I have very little experience using that.

I’m trying to dither in standalone but can’t seem to figure out how to dither in global master section.

See my attached screen shot. You have to insert a dither plugin and set it to the desired bit-depth. It can be in the in the Final Effects/Dithering slot of the global master section, or in the normal slots, as long as it’s the last thing in your processing chain.

Then render a new file and set it to 16-bit in the render format settings.

And MBIT + Dither amount to ‘high’ and Noise Shaping to ‘none’ is ‘pure’ TPDF (if that is what you’re looking for)

Nice! Thanks for the help Justin P and Rat. This thread can be deleted now.