dithering - automatic when exporting to 16 bit?


Quick question - I understand Cubase 5 features dithering - cannot find on/off options anywhere, so is these automatic? ie If my project is 24 bit and I’m bouncing down to 16 bit is dithering automatically applied?

I’m asking because I’m currently mastering some tracks using Ozone 4 - this has (apparently very good) dithering, but I don’t want to be dithering twice!

No I don’t think it is.

There is an included plugin called UV22 for dithering.

Sometimes when you double-dither it can make the track sound analog! (joke)

Seriously though… I would export from Cubase as 24bit and take it somewhere. It’s nearly impossible to really master a recording from the same workstation/listening environment. At the very least I would take it out of Cubase and into a dedicated program like Wavelab or Audacity. These support VST like Ozone AND have some additional tools for analyzing that would help.