Dithering during Batch Processing

If I want to Batch process a series of 24 bit, 44.1 files down to 16/44.1 or mp3, surely dithering should be an integral part of that processing ? Is dithering done automatically during batch processing of the type described above…or do I need to activate it in the Master section before beginning the Batch Process ?

You have to add a dithering plugin, for example:


16 bit dither is never needed when converting to MP3. No dither at all is needed when converting 24 bit 44.1 wav files to mp3. Even 32 bit float is oftentimes converted to mp3 with no dither at all.

bob is right. My intent was just to show how to add dither in the batch process.

Thanks PG and bob…that’s good to know, one less processing step is time saved !