dithering in cubase 5

can anyone please tell me step by step how to dither down to 16 bit after recording in 24 bit 4800 in Cubase 5? does it happen while exporting the mix down to stereo?

I can’t give any steps, and I’m not sure this is “Dithering” per say (maybe it is), but like any Cubase version, Cubase 5 should allow you to choose various sample rates etc upon export to stereo. Though I always record with 24 bit @44.1 Khz, I export at either at 16 bit @44.1 Khz, or the highest mp3 quality I can. You choose your own preferences obviously.

Thank you, I’ll give her a try!

If Cubase 5 came with the UV22 “Mastering” plug-in (I think it did), insert it in the last post-fader slot of your output bus and play around with the settings.