Dithering (Newbie)

I’m trying to use W-Elements-11 for the first time and trying to dither a 32bit file down to 16bit without success. the resulting file is still 32bit.
I must be misunderstanding something or doing something wrong.
I think I could just save the file as 16bit without dithering but I don’t think that is the best way to do it.

see pic.

Any help will be much appreciated.

check here…


regards S-EH

Thanks for the links, but none of that is helping.

I’m adding no other processes in the Master section. After setting things up as seen in my picture I press [Render] (under the Master section). Is this not correct?

The dither option changes the samples, not the way the samples are stored. Hence what you do is half of the job. You have to select 16-bit as the output file format if you want the samples to be held in a 16-bit file.
When you get a 32-bit file, you get 32-bit samples quantized to 16 bits.

Thanks PG - brilliant as ever.

Where exactly can I set the output bit rate?
I’ve looked at ‘Save As…’ but am not sure if that is the right place to do it.

In the “Format” section of the Render Tab, you can edit the format and change to 16-bit. See attached.

In WaveLab, the terminology is to Render a new file, not Save As… or or export really.

In WaveLab Pro you can save all the various render options as Render Presets to make setting everything correctly faster. In Elements, it seems that the Render Presets option isn’t available.

Hi Justin,

I’ve done that (set it to 16bit) and it wrote a file to disc but it is still 32bit!

What am I not doing?!

Ok, it’s worked! I tried it again and the screen looked a little different than previously. I think I just have to note down exactly what I did to get that to happen.

Thanks all for your guidance.

No problem. As PG said, there are two steps:

  1. Insert a dither plugin with the desired dither last in your chain.
  2. Tell WaveLab what bit-depth the new file should be.

If there is any processing after your dither plugin or on the rendered filed, the bit-depth can change again but when everything is set perfectly, this method works.

People seem to get confused by this in WaveLab more than other programs but even in Pro Tools when you bounce to disk…you have to both insert the desired dither last on your master fader AND tell Pro Tools what bit-depth the bounced file should be.