Hey folks, I am having some trouble with dithering. I was wondering if someone can give me a step by step process to get it done. I am using a mac with a tascam us1800. when I get into the mix console I don’t know where to go. can someone show me the way to do it please. That would be so awesome thanks a lot.
Thank you

Aloha J,

I use dithering (the adding of noise to your audio) as the last thing on my output buss
when rendering (exporting ) down to 16 bit from either 24 bit (where the recording is done) or higher.

AFAIK most folks do it this way but as always there no hard and fast rules.

Good Luck!

Specifically, the plugin must be in one of the post-fader slots (last two), with nothing after it.

See page 68, UV22HR sub-section of the Mastering Plug-ins section of the Plug-in Reference.

I advise you to at least skim the Cubase docs so you at least are familiar with what is covered. Then reference the manual when you need too. If there is something you then don’t understand, you will have done your due diligence and be able to ask more pertinent questions, and likely to get a more favourable response.