Ditty For Wilko

i wrote the music for this one back in the 90`s and this last year put some words to it and re recorded it ,i was having a go at an indy type song, hope you like it.

Sounds great! Especially that nicely grooving guitar. Mix is very cohesive and realistic.

What’s funny is the verses and the chorus are two distinct styles, but they work together quite well. I can hear your influences, too: Blur, XTC, etc.

man thats one fine groove, I really like the chops on that guitar track. diggin the vocal to.
the choruses I do hear the xtc mentioned

thanks chaps for your positive remarks, the rhythm guitar,it was realy hard playing that kind of continuous thing over that type of rhythm, i am trying to sound like wilko johnson on that part . as regards the mix i had a go for the first time using a spectrum analyser ,i analysed a kaiser cheifs song with similar stuff going off and tried to replicate the frequencys, it didn`t end up sounding like the kaiser cheifs,the kaiser cheifs sounded to have more mids still ,and mine ended up sounding more bottom heavy .as regards the verse and chorus thing i like that style where they sound unrelated 10cc and the beatles used to do that alot.as regards the influences if you try doing something indy type you are gonna end up sounding a bit like blur or xtc ,this particular tune i was more influenced by the damned and wilko of course on the verses.the vocals have a bit of a zappa influence.

I agree, the groove is great. I like the way this sounds, and it’s a cool song too. I like your lyrics. What tricks did you use to position the vocals the way you did? It’s a really nice use of space. Also sounds like you doubled the guitars hard left and hard right in the verse? Was it an amp sim? I really like the sound of the guitars throughout. Well, everything, really.

thanks for listening,i dont know which vocals you were refering to, i presume the ones on the last chorus of the song where they sound panned ,what i did there was duplicate the two vocal tracks so now i had four and then delayed the two copied vocals by milliseconds with the track delay feature on the inspector ,this realy spreads things apart. the guitars are all miced (how do you spell that miked,micked,miced, mickt i dunno) up ,it was either my laney gh 100l or marshall tsl 100 with either my jag or strat, im not convinced any more by the amp sims they always feel and sound like a bit of a toy and you can mess for hours wasting time trying to get a sound ,i prefer to use the amp for its own limited sound but you know them frequencys are going to cut , although i did enjoy the tone you got from the amp sim.

I agree - spent hours trying to get the amp sims to sound good, tweaking all over the place, went away for a day after recording, and did it again the next day! Never sounds like the demo does! But now that I think about it, I usually tweak for hours when I record the amp too…

Wow…is that really a picture of Wilko? I saw Dr Feelgood many years ago, I think in Fulham, and in my head I was seeing Wilko as he was then, what, 30-odd years ago. Didn’t he used to play a Tele?

Great tune and great playing. The chorus sounds positively orchestral - first class arrangement and mix.


he looks even scarier now ,saw him in a recent film "oil city confidential " it`s about the history of dr feelgood its a very good film ,i like wilko he always does a good interveiw , his rhythm playing in the early days was excellent, i saw the feelgoods around the same time in bradford when they released “down by the jetty” and then again with “malpractise” and i keep meaning to go out and see him now, he still tours around. yeh he did play the tele and an HH trani amp and there was also a little peavey amp knocking around on stage ,and what a sound he got. and thanks for the encouraging words .

Yeah… that pic is slightly disturbing! :astonished:

But that aside, this is great track. I really liked this one - particularly enjoy this vocal style and delivery :sunglasses:
All the technical stuff, mix, arrangement etc sounds really good to me too.

Nice! :sunglasses:

i like these sort of pics of wilko, it`s in keeping with the image of how dr feelgood were, and he seemed a very artistic bloke. and thanks sherz for the compliments i realy appreciate it.

Nice work all round and especially great sounding guitar.

coming from another guitar player thats`s a nice compliment thank you.