Ditty For Wilko

Hi there, heres one i have had up before, quite a while ago now ,i wrote it for Wilko Johnson ,guitarist of 70s band Dr Feelgood ,hes struggling with cancer at the moment and heres thinking about him .i have just acquired an HH VS Musician amp 2x12 combo from a second hand shop.i think he used to use one of these back in the day ,i had one of these amps years ago when i used to try sound like him, but it got stolen from our rehearsal room , i never got another one again untill now .the recording is a Marshall jcm 2000 TSL if i remember correctly , i may try record the guitar again with the HH ,see how it sounds


Nice track…luv the guitar coming from the right channel… :slight_smile:


Thanks Kevin ,that’s my Wilko impersonation.check out this link .its Wilko talking about his past ,its really funny when he tells a story about when he was playing with Ian Dury and the Blockheads,

you might recognize Wilko from the Game of Thrones he played the executioner in one series

GREAT TRACK! Very tight in low end, great mastering the guitars are marvelous! Also love how you treated the vocals
Killer stuff!

Wow, thanks Kenny .