"div 1." label

While editing a score that I’ve started in Dorico 3.5, I’ve found a strange thing in condensed divisi that I don’t recall having seen at all in Dorico 3.5, that is a celli divisi marked as “div 1.”. Before going through the process of cutting down the project to pinpoint a reason, I wanted to know if there is an obvious reason of why it’s happening.

As you see, the violins II are marked correctly, although they have 2 voices. The same passage in Galley View:
Captura de ecrã 2022-01-23, às 18.23.56

Within the same divisi passage, in subsequent systems, it persists…

…up to there the condensing requires two voices…

…then it comes again:

Also, I don’t recall that voice colors where shown in condensed divisi. In some other parts of the same instrument, same flow, they’re not:

If you think the project would be useful to look at, I can share it privately, or try to cut it down.

Is it showing only music belonging to the first cello at that point? If so, then that is probably the reason: it’s indicating that the first player is divided and the second player is not playing. But without seeing the project itself I can’t say for sure.

No, it’s showing music from both divisi sections. That’s why it doesn’t make sense. I’ll try to cut down the project and, if I can’t for some reason, I’ll send it to you privately.

Here you have the project. I’ve locked the layout so after erasing the extra flows and players (what did you do there? Performing that operation is now blazing fast!) the breaks stay the same.
As you can see, there’s music in both staves of celli in stave 3, yet they show “div. 1” only if they stay in the blue voice. In the first page, there are no blue voices, as I’d expect in a condensed stave (in Dorico 3.5, at least). You can see the same behavior in some other places such as in Vln. II.

Cutdown celli.dorico (899.9 KB)

Dorico is certainly appending the divisi section name to the label there (e.g. at rehearsal mark B) but I can’t recall (if I ever knew exactly!) precisely under what circumstances that will happen. I’ll consult with my colleague Andrew and come back to you when I can.

Thank you Daniel. I’ve just opened the cutdown project in Dorico 3.5 and it behaves as I expected: just “div” and not “div 1.” and note colors are black for condensed divisi, so it seems like a change in Dorico 4.

Any word on this? I’ve just stumbled across this situation doing a transcription…

Thanks in advance,

Can you attach a minimal section of your project that reproduces the issue, Chris?

Massenet-Thais-Div-Problem.zip (927.7 KB)
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for taking a look at this. The problem is right in the beginning with the violas.