Diva synth delay parameter problem

Hey guys,

Another bug I’m having in Cubase (version 10.5), I’m using the Diva synth, and when I stop the playback the Decay parameter of the amplitude envelope resets to 0.
I change it again, start playback, it’s all working well and when I hit stop - resets to 0 again.

I even automate the delay parameter to another value, and it still resets! Only moving the decay manually forces it to align with the automated value.

This is so annoying, and happens only in Cubase (not other DAW) and only with this soft synth.

Anyone knows why this could be happening?

Thanks in advance

Oh I found the problem

It’s because CC1 is not set. This still shouldn’t happen, I found a solution changing :
“Preferences - Midi - Never Reset Chased Controllers (tick/check this box)”

This still doesn’t help…

Couldn’t Cubase solve this after a few years of problems with it

The only solution seems to be is to set CC1 manually for the value of the decay