Divede Track List Error

the problem

  1. create MIDI track
  2. creat chord track
  3. create Arr track
  4. Then click 'Divide Track List"
  5. All gone

From C 7.5 until 8.5 Still Happen Nothing Change

I think there’s an error …
an I Cannot Re-Open the project that divide track list active (saved) … but if I copy that project and open at another computer wuth cubase … it works fine … Already re-install my cubase but nothing change


Could we ask for more details, please? Cubase derivative? System (OS X/Windows; which version)? Can you see the tracks in the Visibility list? Aren’t they in the upper list? Isn’t the Size of list minimized?

Did you try the Safe Start Mode? Does it solve the issue?

Problem SOLVED

Start Cubase with Safe Start Mode then delete Program preferences

Thx to Martin Jirsak, Thx A lot for Your Kind
Thx So Much

Cubase Pro 8.5 64 bit
PC Windows 7 64 bit 16 Gb RAM