Divide forum Cubase 6 PC / Cubase 6 Mac

i find it logical to divide the forum into PC / Mac topics. if i have a problem or question, i don`t see the point in reding 50% topics that do not consider my platform and waisting time continuously ?

Been discussed to death, It’s not going to happen.


When this new forum started, I felt the same.

I now realize that this place runs fine as is and
I have learned a few things about PCs because of this board.
Probably will come in handy at some future point in time.

my 2cents

The original threads were great fun … I learned new colorful metaphors, the mods got to test their ban hammers, we learned that the ignore filter wasn’t very useful, we learned that it was easy to get banned and come right back on the forum etc… All in all, some of the most informative threads ever.

this is just polite commenting trying to improve forum, gain better organisation, customer satisfaction, and this way opinions about steinberg from forum users. if someone thinks it needs banning, alright for me…