Divide / Split project window on Cubase 8

Hello everyone.

I’ve found some older information about dividing the project window on Cubase but many things has changed since cubase 5 and I can’t find how to divide the project window to two sections on Cubase 8.
Its used to be very simple and i hope it’s still.

If something isn’t clear above, I can try to find a picture showing that mode.

Thanks alot…


It’s still on the same place - on the right border of the Project window, in upper part. There is the “/” button. This is it.

For your info: It was NOT in the same place in C5. It was on the left (track area).

It has been moved to the right, as explained above.

Oh, I see. Thank you.

It’s so hidden and small. I would never have found it without your help. Thank you very much

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