Divide Track List into 3 Views


I use the two views of “Divide Track List” extensively for multiple tracks inside both views. It would be cool to have another (3rd) Divide Track List view where I can put markers, tempo map etc. on the top in order to stay there when I scroll around in the other views.

Anybody needs this too ??


I’ve never needed more than one horizontal division. I do put all the markers, tempo map etc. like you suggest. What do you use your 2 sections for now if you currently don’t put markers up there? Just the ability to see different Tracks? I can see how that would be useful.

However I have long wanted a vertical divide so I can zoom in to both the beginning and end of a Project at the same time.

Awhile back I realized that a more generalized option would be if several Project Windows (for the same Project) could be open at the same time - each showing different portions of the Project.

Now that is an ace idea!
I do this a lot with excel spreadsheets when doing my accounts.

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