Divide Track List not working

I’m working on a project in Cubase 11 in which the Divide Track List isn’t working. When I click the “/” button at the top right (or go to Function > Divide Track List), there’s no sign of the usual gap that appears where I can ordinarily place the tracks I want in the top stationary region. The dotted line along the left and right sides of the project does show (indicating the selected zone), but it encompasses the whole project, as if it all the tracks were “locked”. As such, all the tracks scroll vertically. But there’s no way to create a separate zone at the top.

I’ve tried importing all the tracks into a new project, and the same problem arises. (Unfortunately, I was far into the project before I needed to use the Divide Track List function.) Any ideas?

I bet your question would be about 1000% easier to answer if you posted a screenshot so we can see what you are seeing instead of having to imagine what you are seeing.

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