Divide Track List

Is anyone having problems with the Divide Track List function?
When I use this my marker, tempo tracks etc. just vanish from the project window altogether. Sometimes it works fine when starting a new project but any project that I reopen I get the same problem.
I always used to have my marker track etc. at the ope of the project window by using the Divide Track List toggle but now it’s impossible to do this. Anyone found a workaround or a reason for this happening?

So far i can’t reproduce this. I am on C8.0.10 Pro. I also put marker, arranger, akkord Track, rulers etc. on top after dividing the track list.

Could you be more specific on your Version and OS. :question:

+1 … when I click the divide track list botton … error … all the track were gone


Until C 8.5 Still error … Nothing Change


Try Safe Start Mode then delete program references