Divide Track Lists In Independent Windows/Project Sub-Windows

I was looking for a feature to divide track list and have each “track divisions/sections” on 2 different screens, which would allow such a more efficient workflow that scrolling through hundreds of tracks on top and bottom section within the very limited height of each section when all on the same screen.

I love the divide track lists option, as I use it for example to separate all vocal tracks from the instrumental tracks in mixing projects. But honestly, it is a huge pain to try and scroll through each track list and try to find what you are looking for, as the height of each list is so limited that it is very unplaisant and hard to work with.

Even better than having 2 track list divisions each being in its own “window” and synched to the project, would be to indeed have any number of “track lists”, or independent “Project Sub-windows” that you could arrange as you wish (by simply adding new project sub-window), simply dragging and dropping tracks from one sub-window to the other, and placing such sub-windows independtly from other windows, such that you could split your screens as you wish and set your project layout as you so wish.

This would be such an added value, and would enhance workflow in all project types greatly.

Strongly recommend this feature.