Divided Track List - Disable vertical auto scroll

I wish that upper and lower track lists did not auto scroll during drag-and-drop.

I have my track list divided in all my templates and projects. I use the upper list for ruler and marker tracks as well as I/O channels and various utility tracks. I have set the height of the upper much shorter than the tracks it contains.
Whenever I would like to move or copy an event or part between the upper and lower list using drag and drop, as soon as my mouse cursor crosses over the dividing line, the upper track list automatically starts scrolling down and I loose view of the intended target track.


This deserves a good ol’ +1.
The whole divided track list, while being a great idea, has some issues (e.g. also with focus)


+1 from me as well. I use the upper list in the same way as @mlib, and the scrolling drives me nuts. I wish there was a way to replenish the votes we have on this system to give this an actual vote.

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+1. This doesn’t even need an option in the settings. They could just check the available vertical space. If the available space is too small, vertical auto-scrolling should be disabled in all scrollable views.

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