Dividing a longer track into segments. Please help!

Hi. I was wondering if someone here could advise me…

I’ve recorded a forty minute concept album that I want to divide into 12 seperate cd tracks that will flow seemlessly together when on a disc.

I recorded the whole epic on one project (just 160 tracks!) and currently, I’m producing some practice and reference mixes by setting locator points between each individual section and matching them to the next but part of me feels there must be a better way to do this?

If it helps to know, I’ve got the full version of Cubase 7.5.

Thanks for any assistance in advance, although comments along the lines of ‘Don’t write concept albums!’ are superfluous - I’ve learnt that lesson. Never again!

I use Wavelab Elements. It’s

A. Affordable
B. Great for compiling CDs to Red Book Format, cutting a longer project into several tracks, editing the gaps/segues, fades, track titles etc

Wavelab has some pretty good mastering tools but I’m more familiar with Cubase, so I find it easiest to master the music as a single Cubase project (maybe using stereo mixes of each section on their own individual tracks), then just do the CD compilation/ track division in WL,.

Do more concept albums!!

Thanks. That’s helped. I’ve actually got WL Le but I’ve never really explored or got to grips with it. Looks like it’s time to try. As for the concept albums, I foolishly already have the theme and a few ideas for the next one… D’oh!

Thanks again:-)