Dividing a piano part into two MIDI channels

What’s the easiest way of doing this at the moment? There was a thread about this more than a year ago, but I believe that was before the release of version 3 and I couldn’t find out anything else about it after that. At that time Dan described setting up two single-staff instruments, adding custom bracing and changing their patches to piano. Is it still so roundabout?

Can you use Dorico Pro 3’s ability to assign different voices to different instruments in Play to achieve the same goal on one grand staff?
pianoLayersTest.zip (406 KB)

I tried this and I can assign the voices to different channels but the dynamic differences between the hands still aren’t reflected in playback. Also, shouldn’t there be a different dynamics lane for each channel? The entire piano part has only one.

To have different dynamics for different voices belonging to the same instrument, you must input the dynamics as voice-specific, which you can do when the caret is active (and therefore indicating the intended voice)

i’m attaching a demo that i’ve created showing how this can be done.

corrected the file so that the dynamics are correctly attached to the relevant voices (alt-return).
VoiceSpecificDynamicsDemo_piano_tb.dorico.zip (530 KB)

Thank you! I only have two more questions.

I’m working on a piano piece that I imported into Dorico via XML. The dynamics were entered separately for both hands but, if I understand this correctly, this makes no difference to Dorico. Is there a way of converting these existing dynamics to be voice-specific, or do I have to re-enter them?

How does one edit dynamics for different voices using the dynamics lane? Regardless of the voice I’ve selected, the display of the dynamics lane remains the same and I can’t differentiate between the voices.

Re-enter the dynamics.

perhaps it’s an XML thing? in the file i attached, for each voice that i select (up stem voice 1, down stem voice 2, etc , the velocity lane is different reflecting the written dynamics.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 7.32.48 PM.png[/attachment]

In PLAY mode, if you are using ‘All Voices’ for your instrument you can select upstem voice 1 or downstem voice 2 etc. The notes you see represented in the piano roll should only be the notes in that voice. The velocity, dynamics, Playing Techniques and CC lanes should all be voice specific. This is such a wonderful feature of the program. If this is not the case for you, then maybe it is because of the XML import as the above poster says. I would guess that there is a high probability that that is the problem.

It does indeed work when set up correctly, despite the XML import. The dynamics lane changes display only when there are voice-attached dynamics. Thanks once again to all.