Dividing a whole rest

I’m a brand new Dorico Elements user. Absolutely thrilled to find Dorico as an alternative to Sibelius. Dorico is SO much better designed and thought out. I love the clean, logical interface and intelligent key commands.

I’m trying to add chord changes to a bar with a whole rest in the melody. There are 2 chords in the bar, and the chord changes on beat 3. Is it possible to divide a whole rest into 2 half rests, as you can in Sibelius? I don’t see the answer in the Dorico User Guide.

Any tips?

Welcome to Dorico and the forum! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Dorico so far.

It’s possible you’ve come across an older version of the manual - here are the relevant steps in the 3.5 Elements manual. Note step 5, it’s important for when you want specific rest durations - you have to force them in order to make the explicit rests, otherwise Dorico will automatically group them as appropriate for the meter.

Although, if you just want to input a chord or chord symbol on beat 3, you don’t need to input rests to get to the third beat - just activate the note input caret (select the rest and press Shift-N) then press Space or the arrow keys until the caret is positioned at the 3rd beat, then input the chord/chord symbol.

Thanks for the quick reply! Still finding my way around, so that was helpful.

Another question: I would like to see all instruments in a score as non-transposed - everything at concert pitch, including chord changes. That means I would also like to hear everything at concert pitch during playback.

Later, I would like to print transposed parts for the transposing instruments, with chord changes transposed, of course.

How can I accomplish this? I managed to get a clarinet part to appear at concert pitch in the score, but it’s transposed on playback.

In Write mode, Edit menu, choose “Concert Pitch.”

For playback, it doesn’t matter whether you’re viewing Concert or Transposed score… the pitches will play back correctly.

And the parts will display and print transposed regardless of which way you’re viewing the conductor’s score.

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Dan’s right, in Dorico full scores are concert pitch by default I believe, but part layouts are transposing. If the full score is set to concert pitch, input notes as they should sound not as the Clarinettist should play them - Dorico handles the transposition automatically.

Perfect. Thank you!