Dividing into tracks and exporting mix-down

I have a 6 min audio production. It is a lecture. I want to set markers for each ‘phrase’ (they are about 10 sec in length, so there will be about 40 markers) and then export mix-down so that I get a separate audio file for each of these clips. Is that possible? If so how?

BTW I can’t even set markers. The Key Commands say Ctlr +1 for marker 1 but nothing happens. It’s press Ctrl an press 1 on the top row of the keyboard? (1 on the numeric key pad is Set Left Locator).


I think you can set each file as a region.
Then if you export to omf all regions will get created as separate wavs.

Or maybe this would work for you?

Thanks Grim.
I see that Cycle Markers is what I need (thanks to the link where I learned it). Never knew that. Shall try out the macro in that link at some later stage. I’m fine for now.