Dividing wav files

I recently recorded some vocals using my Zoom R8 Digital Multi track recorder.
I was doing multiple takes of several short phrases so I just let the tape roll, so to speak.
So now what I have is several wav files, each about 5 minutes long, and I want to isolate the best takes, which are only a few seconds long, rename them, and import them into a cubase project.
So kind of snip the file into smaller pieces, which I can save.

I am looking for some advice on a good way to do that. It looks like an app like audacity, or wavepad would do the trick. But then I thought, this seems like the sort of thing cubase could do. I just don’t know how yet as I am only starting my journey into the audio editing aspects of Cubase.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m not sure, I understand the question…

Place the files on the timeline and cut them.

OK, and once I cut them, I want to rename each clip and and put them into a folder.
Then I want to be able to play them back individually so I can decide which ones to use.

Check this out