Diviide/separate multiple midi notes to separate tracks

I’m new to Cubase Elements 6. I’m looking for a way (other than cut and paste) to take midi drum notes and separate them into individual tracks.

Sorry if this has been answered before. I have searched multiple post but didn’t find an answer.


Off the top of my head: menu MIDI - Dissolve part

Thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I needed. Terminology is going to be an adjustment…

You’re welcome. You will find many beautiful tools in Cubase and also some annoyances along the way, but that’s computers, isn’t it?
If you are entirely new to Cubase and want to see clear basic tutorials instead of advanced-level vids, check out the audiotekblog channel on the youtube, very clear video’s and, in my opinion, better than the ASK vids which are also very helpful.