Divisi Accidental Question

I managed to encounter a strange issue immediately in a new project. Here is an easily reproducible situation to investigate for oneself — I’m curious if people run into the same issue I did.

  1. Make a new project, add a Section Player, and assign Clarinet in A to them
  2. Create a key signature of concert D Major
  3. Create a simple two-part divisi
  4. Presuming your score is set to Concert Pitch, enter a concert D into both upper and lower divisi
  5. Change to Transposed Pitch for the layout

Now, why does the lower divisi have a natural next to it, and why does it default to F# (concert D#) if you try and remove it (especially in the context of concert D major)? I recall years ago understanding that because divisi can appear and disappear that accidentals can sometimes get weird, but this is right at the beginning of the piece.

Try adding a local Key Sig in the lower divisi (Alt-Enter). This has worked for me in the past. I don’t know why this happens.

Further investigation:

  • The errant ♮ appears only in Page view
  • This doesn’t happen if the divisi change is anywhere after the beginning
  • If the note is after the first beat and I move the divisi change later, the ♮ disappears
  • If I then move it back to the beginning, the ♮ does not immediately reappear – until I change to Galley view and back to Page view

I find the exact same behavior in 3.5.

Also on this topic: Key signatures still broken in transposed divisi staves—workarounds?