Divisi and accidentals (unexpected behavior)

Here is a screen shot of a divisi issue I have run into.

I have a Bb Clarinet. The Clarinet part goes between unison and divisi throughout the piece. This particular section shows F major for the Clarinet, but in the second voice, I see the natural sign before every A, even though by the key signature it is A natural.

Looking for help on the matter, I saw issues with incorrect key signatures being displayed, but didn’t quite see something like this.

Also, a blue background is appearing on the staff, even though there is no one bar repeats being displayed.

Anyone know what is going on?


The shade of blue in the last 3 bars of the lower staff is a different shade of blue compared to your bar repeat sections… - Is it a chord region? I remember seeing these 2 colors in my scores thinking “well, they are quite close…”

Not chords. I have no chord regions. It reminds me of the same blue, when you have two 1-bar repeat sections back to back.


It would be helpful if you could cut down the project to the affected passage and attach it here, Robby. There are some bugs in the area of how accidentals and key signatures are handled in divisi, so it’s possible that’s what you’re running into here, but without seeing the project itself it’s impossible to say for sure.

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Sent in the e-mail Daniel.

Thank you very much!