divisi and independent sound assignment

Maybe somebody can explain the logic behind this:

-> in write mode:
I created a triple divisi section Violin 1 -> “solo”, “a6”, “rest” in a new flow
and filled the staves only with default “voice 1 up” assigned notes, nothing btw. for the “rest” stave, which will be hidden.

To enable independent sounds for the solo and a6-group,
I assigned all notes “a6” to a new “voice 2 up”, all “solo” notes in the flow to a new “voice 3 up”.

now -> play mode:

violin 1

  • selected “this flow only”.

  • selected independent voices

-> NotePerformer now creates 5 new additional slots for violins.

-> To make the channel asignments, I can select from 6 voices, from “voice 1 up” to “voice 6 up”.

-> the new “a6” “voice 2 up” in write mode seems to correspond to “voice 5 up” in play mode.

-> the new “solo” “voice 3 up” in write mode seems to correspond to “voice 4 up” in play mode.

What is the logic behind this? How is the wireing between note voices and play mode voicees ment to work?
Which voice gets which voice? Is there any rule for this? And why so many violin slots, when I only need 2 extra slots, not 5?

Furthermore, maybe the “this flow only-all flows” selector could be made sticky, and not flip back to “all flows” out of its own will, before the user selects it explicitly with the mouse.

Currently it jumps back to “all flows” all the time, and when I set it back to “no, I really wanted to change the things only for this flow, and I am ready to swear it”, Note Processor somehow keeps creating more and even more new violin slots … so I ended up with about 16 new slots for the 2 additional voices I created …

It is confusing!

It is confusing, yes. The problem is that the numbering in Play mode cannot currently easily take into account the staves that you see in Write and Engrave modes, so the numbering doesn’t match up. This is something we’d like to improve in future versions.