Divisi and instrument allocation for playback

Dear users and developers,

As far as I have tested, “Change Divisi…” does not affect instrument assignment.
Am I right or am I missing something?

When adding instruments to an existing player, those instruments are automatically loaded and the staves and instruments are connected. It would be useful if the same automatic loading and connecting could be done when using “Change Divisi…”.


Divisi is internally like an extra “Voice” (as in Up-stem). You’ll see that the lower staff is given a different colour, if you have Voice Colours turned on.

If you want the two staves to use different samples, you’ll have to turn on IVP: “Independent Voice Playback”, and then configure it yourself.

You’re right that this doesn’t happen automatically, and it would be nice if it did; though I imagine it would require a lot of work.

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I am not a professional programmer and did not study computer science, but from my own experience of programming with Max, SuperCollider etc, I know that there is a concept of encapsulation, which is variously called function, class, subpatch etc, depending on the environment.

Since Dorico already has an autoload feature for adding instruments to players, at least one sub-functionality could be considered ready for the feature I am requesting. Even though I do not think that this sub-functionality can be used without adaptation, and even though a lot of work needs to be done, I think this feature will make Dorico more powerful with more DAW-like functionality!

(I think Dorico’s DAW-like functionality is already the best among notation software programs).

It also works well, but it automatically duplicates the same instrument. If a solo instrument is used, the user should change the automatically allocated instrument.

That is of course logical, but I don’t think Dorico can do it, because playback patches are set at the (Dorico) player level. The divisi feature lets us write “Solo” but that doesn’t make it a separate instrument.

I don’t know – @dspreadbury do you think there’s a way?

All things are possible given sufficient time and attention, of course.

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