Divisi and Sibeluis

I’m trying to put a divisi text into the score of my project, but I cannot figure it out. I’ve looked through the online help manual and what it’s telling me to do is not showing up in my copy of Dorico. Can I simply add text to tell the players to play it divisi or is there another step I’m missing?

Also, I have a part that was notated in Sibeluis that I would like to transfer directly from Sibeluis to Dorico. How do I go about doing that?

If you just want to write div. over a single staff, I created a custom Playing Technique; it doesn’t currently do anything (not connected to a Playback Technique) but it allows me to input the text into the score in a way that is consistent with other Playing Techniques.

If you just want text, then just add text; but bear in mind that Dorico’s Condensing feature can show two separate parts on one staff in the score, with suitable indications, if that’s what you want.

To get music from Sibelius into Dorico, export as XML and import. It may need some tidying up.

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the documentation you found, Dorico’s in-built divisi feature (that allows you to take a single section player and divide it onto as many staves as required) is only available in Dorico Pro. I’m not sure what version you’re using? If it’s not Pro, you can just use text as Ben suggests - which is Shift-X for text for a single staff, or Shift-Alt-X for system text (that appears in all the parts)