Divisi and Solo Players

Divisi only seems to work for Section Players. (Though the menu command is still available, but you don’t get the dialog.)

Is it possible to turn an existing Solo Player into a Section one?

Not exactly. Create a new section player, then drag the instrument from the solo player to the section player. This is all in the left panel in Setup mode.


OK, I’ve got the Section players so I can do divisi. How can I change the names? For some reason (not connected to Divisi), Soprano instrument is “Soprano I”, but Alto is “Alto”.
Also, Basso Continuo is Violoncello instrument (so that it brackets with other strings), but I want the Staff name to say “Basso Continuo”.

The Rename command only works for the name of the Player, not the Instrument (and thus not the Staff Name). I can’t change the instrument for Sections, either.
Screen Shot 3.png

Click on the > at the right of Soprano I and Edit names. That changes the labelling of the stave. If you have another instrument named the same, you can add a space before (" Soprano")

That doesn’t fix the “I” in “Soprano I”. But there is only one Soprano.

If there is only one soprano and it is labelled Soprano, I do not see any reason why the “I” should appear…

Indeed. I fixed it by creating a new Section Player and copying the music; then deleting the old one.