Divisi change a2 to a3 displays in Galley View as expected but not in Page View

Please see images below and file attached. When I write a bar divisi a2 followed by a bar divisi a3 the latter will only show correctly in Galley View. In Page View the 3rd divisi won’t show.

Galley View
Divisi Galley View

Page View
Divisi Page View

Could someone please be so kind to have a look at the attached file to check if I’m doing anything stupid here? :thinking:

Divisi Display Issue.dorico (460.2 KB)

This is a documented limitation. See Inputting divisi changes

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Great, thanks, @pianoleo – glad this is a limitation and not me being dense. My workaround is to have a3 after a system break and then switch back to unison, a2, and a3 where needed. Works fine:

Unfortunately, when I condense the divis the brackets will disappear (which is a known issue: Condensing Line Disappearing - #23 by Mark_Barden). So my final solution is to simply not use built-in divisi but to use text:
Text divisi

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If it’s okay written on one staff in the part, then that’s the best way to do it anyway.

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