Divisi changes not showing up in score / parts

I’m working on a piece where the divisi in the violins changes from a2 to a4 but in the parts and score, the divisi change doesn’t show up until the next system despite having notes written in the missing staves. Is there a solution to this problem that I’m not seeing? The music is all there in galley view but when switching back to the regular score view as well as in the parts, the divisi doesn’t show up. I’ve attached two screenshots - one of the music written in galley view as it is supposed to show up and another of how it is actually showing up in the score / parts.

Thanks in advance!
galley view.png

You can’t have two divisi changes within the span of a single system: the first divisi change on the system will take effect for the whole width of the system.

If Dorico hides the extra divisi staves, how can a conductor see the whole music on the page? Is there a different solution for this common situation?

Has this changed in Dorico 4?


You have to arrange your System Breaks to support your change from one divisi mode to the next.

Yes, that means having just three bars on one orchestral page, in order to start with a new system on the next page… less than ideal.