Divisi Clef change bug again?

I’ve seen a few posts about similar clef change problems with divis, but I haven’t seen a solution. I can’t get rid of this clef change.

Any ideas? The upper staff is not using a C clef, but the Tenor G clef. Even deleting the Divisi and re-applying it brings back the C clef!
Screenshot 9.png

Managed to get rid of it by randomly selecting a variety of things and changing clefs.

I am having this sort of problem (at measure 10 ) of the attached. The original file was imported as XML from Finale into a very early version of Dorico and has been updated as Dorico added additional capabilities. I cannot seem to get rid of the Tenor-G clef in the lower voice where the Divisi starts.

I tried changing the instrument in the player to see if that was the problem, but the Change Instrument pull-down command in Setup did not bring up a panel to do so.

cgsComplete210221 - 11. Exit Music.dorico (644.8 KB)

No, unfortunately this is the kind of problem that still exists. In this particular instance you should find that moving the divisi back by a bar, to the start of bar 9, and then duplicating bar 9 manually to the lower staff, works acceptably well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. I wish I could figure how I managed to “input” the wrong clef, but I am grateful for a solution.