Divisi Condensing Accidentals

Congrats on the update to v3.5. The ability to condense divisi string passages in the score and not the parts is something I’ve been waiting for since v3.0. Along with condensing changes from v3.1, it works really well.

The only thing I’ve noticed that is missing is when cautionary accidentals are shown. When condensing two solo players (in this case, oboes) the accidental on the E♭ is shown twice, which is exactly the notation I want. However, the identical passage for divisi violin section, the accidental on the second E♭ is not shown by default. I want it shown exactly how its shown with the oboes.

I have looked through all the settings and can’t find anywhere to change this behaviour. Is it possible currently in v3.5? If not, is this something that can be added in a future update? I know I can manually add the accidentals to the violin part, but they should be shown by default (or at least a notation options to shown them by default).

The attached picture shows the situation. Left is the condensed score, right is galley view. None of the notes have show/hide accidental properties set.

I have the same problem, on a bigger scale in a score. It is a very annoying problem and now I just realized that even if you write without cautionary, then set all of them manually in engrave mode in condensing mode, they will not appear in parts!
This is just a big flaw of condensing which I would like to know how soon is going to have a solution! I spent hours to write with all cautionary and now I have to respend the same time once again?!

That’s a different issue than mine, which Daniel Spreadbury has already answered in your thread.

I have made no edits to the accidentals, so there’s none to carry over to other layouts. I’m asking about which accidentals are shown by default in condensed solo players vs condensed divisi players.

I’ll talk to Andrew about this and report back in due course. Give me some time, as we’re all very heavily loaded in the immediate aftermath of a release.

Yes of course, no rush. I can only imagine how busy you all are. Thanks!