Divisi Condensing Breath Mark Issue

Hi Folks,

After some troubleshooting, I discovered the root of some divisi condensing issues I’ve been having this morning. If my 2 divisi parts have breath mark commas, Dorico will not condense the divisi (except in the bass part bar 23-24; very strange). If I delete the breath marks, Dorico can then condense the divisi. I’d love to have a condensed divisi score that also indicates breath marks.

With breath mark (Tenor Part):

Without breath mark:

Please let me know if there’s something I’m missing!
2021-04-13 10-07-14_So Far Away Choir Score.dorico (2.5 MB)


You’re not missing anything, Ethan: at the moment, breath marks are not properly handled in condensing. This is something we plan to address in a future version.

Thanks Daniel! Do you know of any ways to fool Dorico into condensing with breath marks at the moment? Maybe a picture of a comma as a playing technique or something similar?

Yes, you could potentially use a playing technique, provide both instruments have the same playing technique at the same rhythmic position.

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In case anyone out there is new to Dorico and checking out this thread, I created a new playing technique and made a glyph of a comma slightly enlarged. You can then manually move the playing technique to the position of a breath mark.

You can see that the Tenor part breath mark looks slightly different from the others, but it does the trick.