Divisi condensing bug - missing cautionary meter


I’ve been working on a set of parts, and I think I found another divisi condensing bug (right after the great new update – perfect timing!).

This is a weird one. I was able to produce this in a fresh project file. See screenshot below:

The cautionary meter is missing at the end of the second system. This seems to occur when there is a divisi and a return to unison in the same system.

But it gets more complicated. If I move bar 6 to the previous system (with “,”), the bug persists. If I then undo that with the undo function, the cautionary meter returns and there’s no problem. But then if I move bar 6 up again, the cautionary meter disappears.

If the cautionary meter is there, and I delete and recreate the unison, it disappears.

If the cautionary meter is not showing, and I select the 4/4 in bar 11 and switch on the “Cautionary at end of system” parameter in engrave mode, it will show the cautionary meter in both write (page view) and engrave mode, but it will not show in print mode or export into a PDF. If I switch from print mode back to engrave or write, it’s gone again. Also, if I switch to galley view in write mode and then switch back to page view, it will disappear again. Through all of this, the “Cautionary at end of system” parameter will remain on and active, both in local and global modes.

I’m using the latest release ( (Mar 28 2024)) on MacOS 14.4.1. Dorico project file attached below – I was experimenting in the Violin part layout, but it seems to be happening both in the part and in the score. Please let me know if more info is needed.

Divisi condensing bug - missing cautionary meter.dorico (984.9 KB)

While I expect the Development Team will want to fix this, if this is the only divisi in that part for that section, it would be just as simple to create the chords in system 2 one a single staff and label it as divisi, allowing one to forego condensing altogether here.

Yes, if it’s the only one. But this was discovered in a set of opera parts with extensive use of divisi, condenising, solo/gli altri, etc. That solution would not work, for instance, if there was a Solo/gli altri, tutti div, and unis in the same system. The example above was a fresh file with arbitrary music I created to recreate the bug.