Divisi condensing bug - missing notes?

I have a divisi Vln II part which is written like this in galley view:

And when in page view and condensed, becomes this:

Notice the erroneous whole rest in the triplet in bar 191. I can’t figure out why this is happening. If I turn off condensing for Vln II, there’s no problem, but the notes are always gone when the divisi is condensed. I’ve tried manual condensing upstem/downstem – same problem. I’ve also tried creating a new divisi instance at that bar – same result. There are no other signposts at that spot, and this is not an imported file from mxl or previous Dorico version. I see some posts regarding a bug with condensing and multi-bar rests, but that doesn’t pertain here and may be fixed by now anyway.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Is this a known bug?

Not sure if it’s a bug but it might be worth attaching a version of your project with that section.

Another way I like to diagnose things is by deleting bars before the problem and then narrowing down until the problem disappears (if it does). E.G. delete bars 1-50 first

I’m not familiar with divisi but does putting a Condensing Change before that bar change anything?

(You can probably stop at Point #4 and just tick the box before pressing OK)

It certainly looks like a bug. Can you please cut down the project to the smallest number of bars and instruments that still reproduces the problem, and attach it here so we can take a look?

Hi Daniel,

Here’s a cut-down project. The problem seems to be tied to the system break that follows this bar. When I delete the system break, it condenses as expected, but when I add it back, the problem returns.

Condensing Bug_adtino_2024-03-16.dorico (1.2 MB)

I tried deleting the second slur of the half triplets and even with the system break, it condenses as expected. So the slur seems also to be involved.

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Thanks for providing the cut-down example, @adtino. We’ll look into this next week and see what’s going on.

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In my case the problem was a rest in the second instrument which was set to voice 2. I had already tried to delete the rest of instrument 2 but the error remained. Then I copied and pasted the part of instrument 1 onto the staff of instrument 2 and a rest appeared under the pasted part. Once all contents were deleted, the error disappeared.
I hope this helps you!

Thanks, but that’s not the issue here. This particular case only uses a single voice on each staff. I also did try copying the material from the Violin I into Violin II as well as simply re-entering the passage for Vln. II – no dice.

It seems likely that this is a condensing bug caused somehow by the interaction between the triplet, the system break, and the slur over the barline. I’m sure Daniel will give us an update once they have a chance to check it out. For now, I’ve worked around it by rearranging my system breaks.

I badly explained myself. Even in my case were instruments with only one voice per staff: one of them contained music, the other only rests. The problem seemed to be that the rest of the second instrument was set in voice 2.
Best regards!

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We have been looking into the problem @adtino reported and believe we have a fix. Condensed divisi is very complicated, but hopefully the fix won’t introduce any further problems. All being well, the fix will make its way into the next update.


My guess is that the next update (Dorico 6) - if everything runs normally - will come at the end of May. In any case, most versions were released at the end of May.

Dorico 6 is not imminent. The next update will be another Dorico 5 maintenance update.

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