Divisi Condensing

Condensing changes are by far my favourite feature of v3.1. Absolutely fantastic work you all have done in the past few months. The flexibility and control available now is really impressive. I’m excited to see how condensing will mature over the next several months/year(s).

One area that I am be interested in is the ability to condense divisi passages.

More specifically, in this example, the ability to have the top staff in one layout, and the bottom two staves in another layout.

Again, congrats on the new update!

By “layout” I suppose you mean “format”, not what Dorico means by “a layout”! Divisi doesn’t work with section players, so far.

For complex project you also want a sort of “inverse divisi” - for example if a string section is div a 4, you may want to produce different parts for each desk of players, rather than have the players lose track of the correct staff to play from, and also have a lot more page turns than they would like. (And the individual divisi parts may include double stops, harmonics notation, etc…)

If you are wanting the option of printing separate parts for viola 1 and 2 and also being able to print a single viola part that condenses them, you can certainly make a custom score that has nothing more than the two viola parts. Then set that custom score to condensing.

I suspect you are looking to do something more than this.

My apologies if my original post wasn’t clear.

This is an example from a viola section using the divisi feature. In one layout (the full score) I want the music to appear on one staff with “div.” above the staff, but in a different layout (the viola part) I want the staves separate. Currently section player divisi does not interact with condensing at all, so the score/parts have be identical.

Condensing does not currently handle section players and hence it also does not yet handle divisi, but this is planned.