Divisi. for Cello and Double Bass


Can any one suggest how I can also obtain the same bracket style divisi with my Cello and Bass section

i.e… Cello I and a separate stave for Cello II like the violin I and II layout.

Here is a snap shot of my ensemble.

Thank you!

Doesn’t Dorico do this automatically when you add a second cello group in Setup Mode and drag it right below the first group?
Or did I misunderstand what you want?

Hello and thank you,

Yes it does offer the bracket ect. for DIVISI however it appears like this which is not what I am after…

I would prefer it read

Violoncello I
Violoncello II


Violoncello I

I have changed it in the EDIT instrument name but then it comes out to looking like this…

Thank you if you can shed any light on this… !

Here’s what I get:

Did you add the second cello player as a Solo player or as a Section player? The two players must be identical in order to be numbered correctly.

Hmm Interesting…

yes I get this…

I wonder if it has anything to do with saving default settings from my previous scores? I will keep exploring!

Thank you!

Very happy to report that I have fixed the Divisi issue…

I managed to locate an ARROW button to the right of the instrument under PLAYERS which allows you to reset to the default…which I did and then the problem was managed!

Thank you.