Divisi in one staff


I’m a recent Dorico user. I’m working on a score that has several strings divisi. I don’t know/remeber how ( :smiley: ) but I managed to have a celli divisi section on the same staff instead of having to staffs with Celli 1 and 2. I don’t know why but I just can’t do the same thing with the Violas divisi section. Dorico has divided Violas in 1 and 2 staffs and I can’t figure out how to have just one staff with the two voices.
Example attached.

Any ideas?

Do you have condensing turned on?

Yes, I do. Celli are condensed but it seems that doesn’t affect Violas. The rhythm/melodic line of the two Viola parts is not so different that would make a confusing score to have both parts in the same staff.

You need to attach the project. It’s impossible to guess the reason from a picture of just two bars. For example, the reason may be something that occurs later in the violas, on the same system in the score.

Or even on a different system in the score. At the very least, we need to see everything from the last point both violas had rests, up until the next point both violas have rests.