Divisi in strings particella


I’m working on an orchestration and at the moment the process of editing and working on each particella is going very smoothly.
But when I started to work on the string instruments, I found a small problem.

What happens is that I can’t condense the divisi of a section (violins I, for example) in its particella, but I get two independent staves for each system where there is a fragment with divisi.
This makes the reading a bit difficult, because in no case there is a “solo”, but they are divisi “a 2”.

Does anyone know if there is an option to change it and thus have a part with the divisi, but condensed?

Thank you very much!

You can enable condensing of divisi in the part as well as the score:

Although to be honest, for very simple examples like this, where you don’t ever need to show the divisi on 2 staves (if I’ve understood right, that neither the score nor the part needs 2 staves?) I would just write this in as a chord on one staff, and add “div.” “unis.” markings manually.

I would also generally caution against using Dorico’s divisi feature for half a bar or for very short excerpts, as it often results in more complication than it’s worth.


In simple cases like this, I don’t even bother to create a divisi staff, but I notate those few notes simply as a second voice. There’s hardly any need to even mark them divisi (which you’d do using a text object). If there are two voices, a string section will assume it’s divisi anyway.
But in general, assuming you have more divisis, some of which need to be condensed, see Layout Options > Players > Condensing > Condense divisi.
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Thank you for your response! I didn’t know that in layouts you can also go to the individual instrument and apply the changes. In this case it’s true that maybe it’s easier to write two voices in that measure and indicate div. and non div., but I was able to solve it the other way you told me. Thank you!

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