Divisi in transposing score

I have a problem with divisi in a transposing score:

Divisi_problem.dorico (747.2 KB)

If you look at voice 2, the accidentals are written as if the key is in E flat, which is the sounding pitch. If you switch to Concert pitch, everything is okay, but in transposing pitch, which is B flat, the accidentals are not correct.

Anything I can do other than changing everything manually?

No, at the moment there’s nothing you can do except fix up the accidentals manually. This is a problem that we know about and which we will try to fix in the next major cycle.

Thanks. There is also a problem with key changes inside a system of a divisi in a transposed score. You probably know this one too, I suppose.

Found a solution myself:
If I re-enter the same key signature just for the problematic system (with Alt + Enter), everything looks fine.