Divisi indication


I would like to know if there is a way to indicate divisi and unisons without actually creating a new staff (as in the attached image).

My second question is if NotePerformer recognize the command to do that.

Thank you all!

You can use normal text (cmd+X) or create a custom playing technique. I’m not sure what do you mean with recognizing by Noteperformer. Noteperformer doesn’t differentiate between double stops in a string or two different voices playing independently; they play back just the same.

Of course, you can tweak things a little bit. First, use separate voices for each line. Then, in Play mode, select the strings and activate voice separation and send each voice to a different channel. Finally, in the MIDI lane, use CC104 for voice weight; reduce it to say, 4 or 5. Then, at the unison, return the CC104 to 0. This way, you will be emulating a little bit, with Noteperformer the live situation.
But honestly, there’s so little audible difference, that maybe it’s not worth the trouble. Anyways, hope this helps.

Thank you very much!

You can make div. and unis. playing techniques, to automate the CC104 changes, if you want, though you will have to add them to the NotePerformer expression map which is already huge.

Creating playing techniques that don’t actually play back has the advantage that they are formatted the same way as arco, pizz., etc. As JouseViera said, with NP the playback effect is hardly worth the trouble.