Divisi - Individual Desks Parts

In specific confined situations where the exact line-up, layout and seating of the string section is known (e.g. film scoring but also some contemporary work) or there is a very specific idea of how the sections should split, it would in some cases be extremely helpful if there was a “power version” of the divisi feature which allows to create individual parts for the individual desks of the sections according to the current divisi split. So ideally a kind of function that allows to apply the individual notes of a divisi split to individual (groups of) players of the section and consequentially getting dedicated parts for each desk/player.

As far as I know, there is currently no way other than working in an extra “parts project” in Dorico to achieve that.


You could use manual staff visibility in each desk’s part layout to hide the divisi staves not needed for their part?

Or I guess, don’t use section players who divide, but instead single players whose parts you can condense in the full score? And then you can run off extra parts for the corresponding single player as and when required?

Thank you Lillie, much appreciated. I think both variants are possible but seem to be very easy candidates for user errors. The second one seems quite impractical with large string line-ups but I will experiment a bit with it and see whether I find a workflow that seems usuable.