Divisi labels – possible to have different in parts and score?

It seems that the choices I make to Show player or group name and Show section numbers in the Change divisi window, changes the appearance in both full score and parts, whether I make the changes in the parts or in the score. Have I missed something? I am in a situation where I need the parts and score to have divisi labelled different from each other. It is a viola solo. In the part, I’d like the label to be “solo” and for the next stave “tutti”, in the score I’d like “Vla. solo” and “Vla. tutti”.

You will likely have to use SHIFT+X text to add the additional text in the score if you only want it there. You should be able to make that invisible in the part.

Admittedly it is a work-around, but for the present (unless Daniel, Dan, or Leo has some magic up their sleeves)…