Divisi mid system...?

I’d really like to have divisi staves appearing mid system. I know that the default is:

“When divisi passages start/end partway through systems, Dorico Pro automatically extends the extra staves to the start or end of the system, and duplicates the regions where the section is tutti automatically using unison ranges.” While this is quite a cool feature, I do think the standard is to have the spare stave either blank without rests or simply not there.

Is there any way to overwrite this? Either to be able to have them appearing in the middle, or to be able to create extra staves for section players? There wouldn’t be much of an issue using ossias apart from:
a) ossia staves don’t playback (unless there’s a way to change this but I’m about 95% sure there isn’t)
b) I don’t think you can change the size of ossia staves individually so if I want the stave to be the same size as the normal staves then other ‘true’ ossias can’t be smaller

I expect what you want will become possible when Dorico enables cut-away scores since the concepts seem to be related.

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