Divisi name - Vln 1-8

Hi everybody,

Any idea when we’'ll be able to have
Vln 1-8 or
Hn 1-8
for example, instead of this looooooong naming as it is now?

Thank you all!

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 15.19.26

Hi @fersilva_leonardo I tried out something and was able to obtain what you desire. I am not sure how this will behave when the divisi are not in unison anymore… (probably badly :slight_smile: )
Just an idea (and an exercise in Dorico for me).

I used Groups in the Change Divisi window…the rest is self explanatory:

I made 2 examples: follow the numbers and set all how it is shown:

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Thanks, Christian

That could be a solution if the divisi stays like that. But in a Mahler score or whichever score it is, it can change from page to page: Hn 1-8 than Hn 1-2 3-6 7-8, etc, so it has to be something automatic by default from Dorico.

That is to say, there must be an aption that groups more than 3 numbers with the dash, so it won’t be for example but 1-4.

Maybe @dspreadbury can give us some insight…? I’ve heard they are aware about it.

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There’s no option for this at the moment, but it is something we would like to add in future. It’s on our backlog for future implementation.


Thank you Daniel, hopefully it comes very soon as it is standard in most of late romantic and XX century scores :slight_smile:

Love Dorico, all the best

I think it is safe to say that micromanaging divisi by exact desk count is rare enough that it cannot be considered ‘standard’ for anything.

I do not think it is rare at all. Strauss is notorious for doing this…

Not to forget Elgar’s Symphony 1 back desk string soli.

I was more thinking along the lines of how often it happens within all the respective repertoire. But point taken – I stand corrected.

Dorico 5.1.30 has given us the solution! What a team, what a software. It is just out of this world, the work Daniel and team do for us. THANKS.