Divisi not correctly selecting when copy / pasting to other players

Hi all,

We have found that when manually selecting music and copy / pasting to a new instrumental section the divisi signpost is missed out in some cases. Strangely when the same thing is done but using the ‘select to end of flow’ shortcut, the divisi signpost is included. I have attached a video to illustrate.
Just flagging if this is something that could be addressed in a future update, as I was preparing a score and noticed during part prep that the vln 2 were missing a bunch of notes…!

Thanks in advance.


Some items are explicitly excluded from “block” selection, which is the kind of selection produced by Shift+clicking, and divisi is among those items explicitly excluded. I’ll have a think about whether that’s something we want to reconsider.

Thank you for the reply Daniel - much appreciated as always.

Ah - that clears up why this is happening. I certainly understand there may be many scenarios where you do not want certain items included in a shift-click selection. Perhaps a dialogue box of shift-click include / exclude preferences determined by the user could be useful?


Yes, that might be one approach, though in general I think we should just discern the most sensible thing and then do that. I will give it more thought.

Of course. Thanks Daniel.