Divisi or voice

Hello, is Divisi the same as Voice and would they sound the same in playback on the same stave line when using section players. As voice seems easier to use without the need to condense.

If one assigns the same sounds to two voices or two divisi lines, the playback will sound the same. Using IVR in Play mode lets one assign different sounds to different voices the same as one can assign different sounds to divisi parts.

I’m using different notes for the voicing. The sheet music has Violins 2 that Divisi after a few bars and which has been condensed to one stave. So if I use voicing instead on one stave would this achieve the same outcome?

IRT is that in real time?

Not sure what you mean by that. I doubt one can play two separate voices on one staff simultaneously and have Dorico split them on the fly, but one can go back and easily separate the two melodic lines into two voices later and assign a different playback sound to each voice.

Are you talking about a keyboard work with different sounds for different voices, or are you talking about combining (say) two flutes on a single staff, which is really a question of Condensing and would be handled differently in Dorico. Even so, one could enter both voices simultaneously and then Explode them onto two staves to be condensed together in the full score. Again, the process is not overly difficult once one understands it.

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I think @Derrek mis-typed. Independent Voice Routing (IVR) allows you to set each voice of a single player to a different VST.

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Here is a score showing the “divisi”. could I get way with just adding a second voice or would I have to go through the process of creating the Divisi to get it to play correctly in Dorico, hope this helps

You can get equivalent audio results using either method. Just a little different in your play routing and expression map. I think a better question is: Which one is the easiest to write or maintain, to understand, to create the best parts for players, etc.

With a good machine, condensing is just a click to me.

Even if you don’t plan to give this one to live players, I think divisi is one of those fundamentals whose process is worth mastering in Dorico. JMO and your choice though.

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I am well familiar thank you, This is the 2nd time today you have replied to me rather than to the OP. Did I do something to offend?

In this case you could “get away with” just using chords. No need for additional voices. No need for divisi.

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Thankyou all, Something for me to think about.

Nope, my apologies- no intention to offend or suggest anything amiss. It was just my buttonology, but even if I had tagged you on purpose how is it an offensive post?

It was the disconnect between your post(s) and mine - I was beginning to feel stalked! (no apology needed)