divisi problem with choir

i created a ‘voice instrument’ - which represents so to speak a double choir.
this voice-instrument is split into left and right choir and everything is fine. The arrow for splitting the voices is shown as so:

(i changed the clef because i want to have un-pitched things)

but if I split left choir into women and men and the right choir into women and men, no splitting arrows are shown anymore. why is that please?

Divide arrows will only appear when dividing from one staff to two, and not from two or more to even more staves. Likewise they will only appear in the opposite direction when two staves return to a single one.

ok…thanx Daniel…wouldn’t it be nice to always have the divide arrows? If you have 8 voices for Soprano I and Alt I and you want to go on dividing them to have richer harmonies - wouldn’t it be nice if they could see the division with help of the arrows within the score? Maybe I’m completely wrong in my way of thinking.
I just love the arrows and would be happy if they’d work for more divisions…

Yes, I agree it would be better to have arrows under more circumstances.

maybe for a next update :wink:

Maybe not the next update, but a future update, sure.

:smiley: cool